Places to Eat

"Thank you for supporting local businesses and protecting our natural resources."

Alpenhorn - Ah the Alpenhorn a classic fisherman hangout offering a warm atmosphere, cold drinks, and great food. A local favourite for casual dining and pub style food. After a long day of fishing there is nothing better than meeting up with mates at the Alpenhorn and swapping stories over who caught the biggest fish.

Louise's Kitchen- Nobody makes you feel more at home than the cooking at Louise's kitchen. Fishermen flock there in the morning for classic breakfast options that are sure to fill you up for a long day of fishing. If you happen to be around for lunch check out some of their Ukrainian style menu items like the garlic sausage, perogies, or borscht.

Chatters - Chatters Pizza... Need I say more. This place is well renowned throughout Northern BC for its original style garlic butter crusted pizza. They have other tasty American style food options that are highly customizable such as their build a burger menu. Available for take out and delivery, Chatters is a great option for a night of catching up on fly tying.

Daddios - This open kitchen restaurant design has nothing to hide as they use high quality ingredients that make for a high quality dining experience. Offering authentic Italian style thin crust pizza baked on the bricks of their wood fired stone oven. You will find friendly service and great food everyday of the week. 

The Riverhouse At The Aspen - A great place to get a taste of northern culture and enjoy a delicious meal. Their locally inspired decor is sure to amaze and their food is sure to satisfy a hungry stomach. Offering a lounge side as well as a bar side, both offer great food with exemplary service. 

Blue Water Sushi Bar - When you think Sushi and you think Northern BC, things don't seem to add up but I assure you there is no better place to find original and classic sushi rolls created by experienced chefs. This full on Japanese sushi bar offers a massive selection of menu items and a great selection of Japanese drinks such as Asahi beer and sake.

Bugwood Bean Coffee - A fantastic locally owned and operated espresso bar conveniently located next to your favourite fly and tackle shop, almost seems like a match made in heaven. After grabbing your fishing license from us make sure to do yourself a favour and grab a coffee from these guys before you head out for the day.