Written by Bob Melrose.

A note from BC Parks

"Grizzle Bears are wild and unpredictable, use extreme caution in this (Babine River) area. Please adhere to all Park Rules as noted below.

A sustainable fishery at the Babine River is dependent upon a safe environment for both people and bears. To achieve this, BC Parks sets out some guidelines for fishing at the Babine River. Detailed information about bear safety is also available online here.

  • Give bears plenty of room. Leave your fishing spot if a bear is in the river and give them plenty of space. If approached by a bear, reel in, and leave the area. Cut your line if playing a fish. You may return to your fishing spot when it is safe to do so.
  • Food and other attractants are not allowed on shore. All garbage must be stored within your vehicle, not left on sight.
  • Fish must be returned to a secured location within your vehicle immediately after capture.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash.
  • Children must be accompanied by and adult at all times.
  • During the peak salmon fishing season in August, please refrain from fishing from 1 hour after sunset until 1 hour after sunrise to provide an undisturbed period for the bears to utilize the river corridor.
  • Follow all regulations on posted signs

Aggressive bear behaviour resulting from failure to comply with these regulations could result in temporary closure of the area to fishing; this would affect many. Don't be the one responsible for a park closure."