Oscar's Fishing Report, August 23rd, 2018

Please check the BC Wildfire Maps prior to going out to any area, especially the remote areas. If you see smoke or a forest fire, please text *5555 on a cellphone or call 1-800-663-5555 to report the fire. You can visit the BC Wildfire Service webpage for more information.



Bulkley River:

Fishing for Coho and pinks has been slower than expected. They are moving through the system, but just not at the rate or numbers we would expect at this time of year. We are still optimistic that it will pick up very shortly to move from fair to good. When chasing Coho, use blues, greens and coppers with some flash on either your flies or lures for increased success. The tip for Pinks is to use bright flashy colours.

Steelhead fishing in the Bulkley has been good and consistent. Like pretty much every river in the watershed, the water on the river is low.

Kispiox River:

A friendly reminder that the Kispiox is CLOSED for all salmon fishing (DFO FN717), however it is open for steelhead fishing.

There are a few steelheads in the river, but so far fishing has been extremely tough. We think that most of the fish are waiting in the Skeena. The water is very low which makes the river almost impossible to float.

Skeena River:

On the Skeena you can angle for sockeye, Coho and pinks (DFO FN717). The Sockeye fishing is still good; however, they come up in spurts so timing is everything. Coho and pink fishing has been ok, but not stellar. Steelhead fishing in the Skeena is currently good.

Water levels in the Skeena are low, yet visibility is improving. The cooler nights are helping water temperatures lower and turbidity settle out.

Kitimat River:

Good pink fishing on the Kitimat with decent numbers in the system. A few Coho are being caught as well. Like all the other rivers in the area, the river is low.

Copper River:

The Copper is fishing really, really well, although the water is quite dirty.



Even though summer is coming to an end, the weather and fishing is still pretty hot. We have seen some pretty calm water and some beautiful days, so even on the odd day that the fish haven't been cooperating, we've still had some pretty nice scenery.

Prince Rupert has seen some very good Coho fishing over the past couple of weeks. The fish have been biting all the way from north Dundas Island all the way south to Banks Island and everywhere in between. A flasher and hoochie has been very productive with green and chartreuse being my go to colors this time of year. If you look closely, Coho often have a green shine on their backs when the sun reflects of them. This is one of the reasons why green is a great color to use when these fish are around. 

Halibut fishing has been very productive lately.  The good weather has translated into anglers being able to access those offshore banks that can be so productive. The 16oz Gibbs Power paddle has been very good for us lately.  Typically I'll drop down a couple of spreader bars with a flashing squid rig attached and then a Power Paddle on one rod.  The 16oz will allow you to stay on the bottom even when the tide starts to run.

Douglas Channel has been very good for Coho as of late.  We have seen a lot of whales chasing feed around and the Coho seem to be joining in the frenzy.  One of the techniques I’ve found very productive lately is jigging for Coho.  The trick is to find a bait ball and try and stay on top of it.  Once you’re on top of the bait ball, drop a 2-6oz jig down through the bait and reel back up to the top. Free spool your jig back down and reel up until you get a hit or drift off the bait ball.  Typically you will get your hits on the way down so try and keep a little tension on your line while dropping.  I’ve found that jigging for salmon can be super effective when they just don’t seem to be hitting on a trolled lure. Oscars has a great supply of jigs if you want to give this technique a try.

The prawning on our coast has been very good as of late.  We’ve seen the numbers getting better and better the further we get from the commercial opening we saw in May. Lately I’ve seen a few buoys with 100ft of floating nylon rope strewn across the surface. Remember to use lead core weighted rope when setting your traps. The floating rope can be super dangerous to any passing boats not to mention costly when a boat cuts rope that is floating on the surface.

With all the fires burning in Northern BC we are all hoping to see some rain in the forecast. Hopefully we get the rain without the wind which will allow us to stay on the water for a while.  Until next week, tight lines.



On September 8th and 9th, Oscars is putting on a Spey Casting School. Come learn or practice Spey casting technics, with one full day on river left and the other on river right. In the school we will go over the technic of the two handed rod, reels, lines and gear. This school is for anyone, we welcome novice to experienced Spey casters alike.

For more info or to sign up, come on in or call the store. Hope to see you there!

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