July 12 Fishing Report

River Report

We are very very very exited to go fish for salmon in the Skeena Watershed. Rivers should open July 15. MAKE SURE TO CHECK DFO NOTICE WHICH SHOULD COME OUT ON FRIDAY JULY 14 FOR ANY CHANGES TO THE REGS!!!!!!

Bulkley River / Morice River

The Bulkley/Morice are in nice shape - "greening up". Rivers are quite a bit higher than at the same time last year which is a good thing. Visibility is good. 


Skeena River

River is dropping and is in nice shape. Visibility is good at this time about 2 feet. Check the regs to make sure you are covered for licensing on the Skeena. Remember that a Steelhead Tag is required if you are targeting Steelhead.

As Sockeye Fishing is a no go this year on the entire Skeena Watershed be sure to choose the water you fish wisely. Avoid fishing riffles where you usually fish for sockeye. Choose to fish more swing type water....

Kitimat River

River is in good condition. Pinks are just starting. Chums are entering the system. Fish the high tides at the bottom of the river and watch for rolling fish going through. Watch out when drifting from Sawmill to Cable Car. There are some tight spots in that section - some logs you may have to go over....


Ocean Report

By Lee Mac

Grind Grind Grind it out.  This is what's been going on out of Prince Rupert when it comes to salmon. Over the past couple of weeks we have been seeing a lot more coho being caught.  Unfortunately we have not been seeing the number of chinook that we are accustomed to this time of year.  We have also been seeing smaller sizes in the chinook that are being caught. Fish in the 15-25lb range are the norm for this time of year in Rupert but unfortunately we are seeing most of the chinook being caught in the 8-15lb range.  The brite side is that we are now seeing coho show up in good numbers which always makes the fishing fun. Try trolling a Luhr Jensen Coyote in the Cop Car or Live Image finish for these summer salmon. Another very productive technique can be trolling an anchovy or herring when the bait is around. Remember that the salmon are chasing these schools of baitfish around so "matching the hatch" is important. Sometimes you will find salmon feeding on schools of anchovies or herring and other times you will find them close to the bottom feeding on schools of needlefish. Most fish finders these days will have a sonar option that will allow you to scan the water column for schools of baitfish or "bait ball". When you find one, try and drop your lines to the depth of the bait ball and troll through it. This will generally induce a strike from the salmon feeding around the ball so when you find one, its important to try and stay on it. 
The salmon fishing out of Kitimat and down the Douglas Channel has been good with lots of chinook making their way over from the west side of Haida Gwaii. Anglers have reported good catch rates at Money Point and Turtle Point. For those anglers who have made the 60 mile trip down to open water, the rewards have been very good. We were at open water all last week and got very good reports from most anglers about the numbers and size of fish they were catching.
The ground fishing on the coast remains very good. As always, the weather is the main factor when going after bottom fish as the fishing is usually better in open water where little protection is to be had. When targeting halibut, a Gibbs Mudraker has been working well for us lately. The Mudraker has a built in scent chamber in the end so you can add your favourite fish attracting scent.  Oscar's has a good supply to choose from with my favourite being anchovy or bloody tuna.  
When targeting rockfish and ling, the P-Line hali Drop jig was lights out for us last week. We also did very well with the Gibbs 12inch Hali Hawg jig.  Very rarely did those jigs spend more than a minute or two in the water without getting a hit.  
Head down to Oscars before your next trip and Alex and the crew will be happy to help sort you out with all the gear you need for getting into fish!
Until next week, tight lines.......

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