Fishing Report May 8

Ocean Report

Submitted by Lee Mac

And so it begins! The majority of charter operators kicked off their season this week and that can only mean one thing.....the fish are coming! There have been a lot of nice chinook caught over the past week.  We haven't seen anything of size yet but there have been a few fish recorded in the high teens which is a good sign. Fishing for salmon out of Rupert has been good with a lot of people getting into a few fish on every trip. Spoons are a good choice for trolling right now with the Luhr Jensen Live Image Coyote spoon in blue or green in the 3.0 and 4.0 size. If there is big herring around then a 5.0 or 6.0 is the size you will want to use. The cop car finish also is a great option. These spoons simulate the baitfish that are native to our coastal waters and are available at Oscar's. A lot of fish have been taken on cut plug herring or anchovy trolled in a bullet head, Oscar's has a good supply of herring and anchovy in the freezer and it's a good idea to be stocked up on both when heading to the coast.  We sometimes find that chinook can get fussy and will only hit on either an anchovy or a herring but not both depending on what baitfish is around. Trolling one rod with a flasher and hoochie is a good idea this time of year.

It will be a few weeks until we see the chinook starting to make their way down the Douglas channel but there have been a few reports of guys catching them at the end of the Douglas. 
Bottom fishing continues to be lights out. Halibut fishing has been good out of Rupert with guys getting fish on both jigs and spreader bars. We saw one guide get into a halibut that he estimated to be in the 280-320 lb range. These big fish need to be released as they are above the size limit of 133cm. 
Oscar's has a good supply of extra large herring which make for great halibut bait. Speak with the folks at Oscar's and they can get you set up with circle hook set-ups for spreader bars and any other tackle you need when is search of the "white gold!"
We are getting back on the water this weekend and will have another report for you early next week. Until then,,,,,,tight lines. 

Lake Report

Lake fishing has been really hot as of late. Chironomid fishing on Ross Lake has been very productive! Come see us to stock up on some strike indicators, chironomids etc. If you do not have the patience to chironomids fish troll a bigger style bug or spinner. 

Visit the the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC website here to learn about different local lakes. Check out the different stocking reports as well! 

PS: We had a tackle test day today and the Best Lure below cleaned up! Awesome lure! Our new go to for any trout!