Fishing Report June 20

Fresh Water Report

Thank you to the good folks at Tukii Lodge on Babine Lake for this Babine Lake fishing report! Visit their website here to find out more about their cabin and boat rentals!

Last Tuesday we had our annual fishing trip with High Roads from
Smithers.  (Fishing For Ever)  The group arrived at arrived at 10:30 and
we were out on the water by 11 in 3 boats.  It didn't take long for the
fish to start coming into the boats.  We had real good luck with a
willow leaf and worm for the rainbow and for the lake trout we did best
with a #3 1/2 ruby eye fishing down about 35 feet.  The night before we
set out a few burbot lines with rainbow heads on for bait and did real
good on those lines too.  At 2:30 we had to start reeling in the lines
so that the crew could be on their way back to town by 3:30.  In total
the crew landed 28 fish for their annual barbeque/fish feed that they'll
have later July.

Rainbow Alley

Rainbow Alley is fishing really well still! Minnow patterns work. We also had fun trying different dry flies. A purple Parachute Adams or a Purple Parachute Wulff did the trick for us. So much fun to see the rainbows come up for the little dries.


River Report

Kitimat River

Thank you to our good friends at Jig Box in Kitimat for this fishing update! Please note that this info is a few days old now so check the water levels before you head out there! Make sure to always always wear a wader belt when out fishing!

As of right now - it’s been a wet week, water levels constantly changing, with lots of silt/dirt in the water when the levels do come up. But with high water means more fish moving in on high tides and low tides! Chinook is in full swing, our black bear jig 1/2 has landed a few. Keeping an eye on the water chart may help for anglers to make educated decisions when coming to fish the Kitimat.. If there is heavy rain one day our river gets affected very easily but also repairs itself quickly.. darker water calls for darker jigs, more shades than bam in your face colours seem to do the trick in poor visibility....... THANKS AGAIN TO THE GOOD FOLKS AT JIG BOX FOR THE INFO! STOP BY OSCAR"S TO SEE A GREAT SELECTION OF THEIR JIG.

Skeena River

Skeena River is open! Go fish! The water is high but totally fishable. A few chinook have been caught. 

Bulkley River

The Bulkley River is in very very nice shape for this time of year. It is greening up nicely. and dropping. It is supposed to rain a bit next week... so we will see if the water levels will rise. A few chinook sighted at "Idiot Rock" and there are reports of some fish being caught closer to Houston. 

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