Fishing Report

Fishing Report August 28/2014

Steelhead are in all tributaries with good numbers. Salmon fishing is consistent for Coho and Sockeye.

Fishing Report August 22/2014

Steelhead are in the rivers and it is forecasted to be a good year! Salmon fishing is still good with lots of sockeye still pouring in.

Fishing Report August 14/2014

Sockeye fishing is good in both the Skeena and in the Babine. Water levels everywhere are low and clear but fish are being caught everywhere.

Fishing Report August 7/2014

All rivers are low and clear, some still dropping. Fishing opportunities are good with many different species in the rivers at one time.

Fishing Report July 31/2014

Hard to go wrong. Fish are in every river system and the weather is fantastic. Salmon fishing is in full swing.

Fishing Report July 24/2014

Great river conditions. Great weather. Great fishing. It is hard to find anything better than fishing in the Skeena watershed this time of year.

Fishing Report July 18/2014

Fishing is good all throughout the Skeena Watershed. Bulkley, Kispiox, Babine, and mainstem Skeena are all producing fish.

Fishing Report July 10/2014

Amazing conditions with fish almost everywhere! Future forecast makes it the perfect time to go out and catch some salmon.

Fishing Report July 04/2014

After the Canada Day long weekend fishing was slow but is starting to pick up again. More and more fish are on their way!

Fishing Report June 27/2014

The Skeena River and its tributaries are fishing for Chinook. Find some cleaner water to fish because the big ones are in!

Fishing Report June 21/2014

Salmon are in the rivers! With water color and clarity where they are at now anglers have a good chance to catch the big one!

Fishing Report May 7/2014

Weather has been excellent recently! Go out and enjoy the multitude of fishing opportunities around!

Fishing Report April 23/2014

Some local lakes are open!

First Fishing Report of the season

Seeley Lake is ice free - or just about! Has anyone gone into Ross Lake?