Fishing Report

Fishing Report October 26 / 2014


Fishing Report October 15/2014

Well this sucks.... The rivers have seen better days for sure. On the bright side, trout fishing in our local lakes is great right now!

Fishing Report October 9/2014

Rivers have dropped and cleared from all the heavy rain this past week. Steelheading has been is improving all over the board.

Fishing Report October 2/2014

Tough going out there. All rivers coming back into shape, but forecasted weather doesn't look promising.

Fishing Report September 29/2014

Over the weekend the rain fell a little harder than expected. Some rivers blew out unfortunately.... Bulkley is in good condition, and decent fishing.

Fishing Report September 25/2014

Finally got the water we needed. Water levels increased and rivers got murky. Should clean up soon.

Fishing Report September 14/2014

Steelhead fishing overall is fantastic. Great weather and great fishing.

Fishing Report September 05/2014

Steelhead fishing is good everywhere. Coho is fishing very good too. For all the rivers that rose and had reduced visibility, are all now clearing and dropping.

Fishing Report August 28/2014

Steelhead are in all tributaries with good numbers. Salmon fishing is consistent for Coho and Sockeye.

Fishing Report August 22/2014

Steelhead are in the rivers and it is forecasted to be a good year! Salmon fishing is still good with lots of sockeye still pouring in.

Fishing Report August 14/2014

Sockeye fishing is good in both the Skeena and in the Babine. Water levels everywhere are low and clear but fish are being caught everywhere.

Fishing Report August 7/2014

All rivers are low and clear, some still dropping. Fishing opportunities are good with many different species in the rivers at one time.

Fishing Report July 31/2014

Hard to go wrong. Fish are in every river system and the weather is fantastic. Salmon fishing is in full swing.

Fishing Report July 24/2014

Great river conditions. Great weather. Great fishing. It is hard to find anything better than fishing in the Skeena watershed this time of year.

Fishing Report July 18/2014

Fishing is good all throughout the Skeena Watershed. Bulkley, Kispiox, Babine, and mainstem Skeena are all producing fish.

Fishing Report July 10/2014

Amazing conditions with fish almost everywhere! Future forecast makes it the perfect time to go out and catch some salmon.

Fishing Report July 04/2014

After the Canada Day long weekend fishing was slow but is starting to pick up again. More and more fish are on their way!

Fishing Report June 27/2014

The Skeena River and its tributaries are fishing for Chinook. Find some cleaner water to fish because the big ones are in!

Fishing Report June 21/2014

Salmon are in the rivers! With water color and clarity where they are at now anglers have a good chance to catch the big one!

Fishing Report May 7/2014

Weather has been excellent recently! Go out and enjoy the multitude of fishing opportunities around!

Fishing Report April 23/2014

Some local lakes are open!

First Fishing Report of the season

Seeley Lake is ice free - or just about! Has anyone gone into Ross Lake?